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This cheap food helps against forgetfulness

Do you love mushrooms and other edible mushrooms? These contain an amino acid that prevents memory loss, new research shows.

Health Knowledge

Difficulty concentrating? With these 4 tips you stay focused

Everyone sometimes finds it difficult to concentrate on something. A telephone that rings continuously, loud music that comes from...

Health Knowledge

The snoring can begin: birch trees are already in bloom

do you have an allergy to birch pollen? Then it is better to stock up on a supply of handkerchiefs.

Health Knowledge

Want to eat the zest of a kiwi or watermelon? You can!

You probably do not immediately get the water in your mouth when you think of the skin of a kiwi. You can still eat it fine. That...

Health Knowledge

Dining out? First choose your dessert and then the other...

Do your eyes often wander first to the desserts on a menu? Then there is good news for you: choosing your dessert first is good for...

Health Knowledge

5 tips to make new friends in adulthood

During your studies, in the coffee shop where you worked or every week when you went out. Where new friendships came to you in the...

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