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Why estrogen is so important for your mental health

Whether you are menstruating, pregnant or in transition: the female hormone, estrogen, is a major obstacle to us, our entire lives.

Health Knowledge

These things are just as unhealthy as smoking, oops ...

Of course we know that smoking is not healthy. But recent research shows that there are things that are at least so unhealthy ...

Health Knowledge

With this small adjustment you can make your office day...

We are not meant to sit behind a desk for eight hours. Research shows that a small adjustment is enough to make an office day healthier.

Health Knowledge

Why it is healthy to give compliments (and receive) more...

Have you complimented anyone today? Not yet? Then it is high time to do something about it. Good for others, but also for yourself.

Health Knowledge

This is the best sleeping position for your health

Everyone has a favorite sleeping position. But not all postures are equally beneficial for your physical health.

Health Knowledge

Eating together or alone, what is healthier?

In a restaurant or at the kitchen table, with others or alone. With whom and where we usually eat can have a considerable influence...

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