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Do you like to make selfies? Then you might get wrinkles...

We knew that the screens of smartphones are bad for our health. Now there appears to be another negative consequence.

Health Knowledge

Do you sometimes suffer from a shock when you fall asleep?...

When you almost sleep, you suddenly have the feeling that you are falling into a gaping depth. What kind of strange phenomenon is...

Health Knowledge

This is the best way to care for your hair in the menopause

Do you want to prevent thin, dry and falling hair? You want to know these care tips.

Health Knowledge

These signals may indicate an iron deficiency

If you have a deficiency of iron in your body, it can eventually lead to anemia. In addition to serious and long-term fatigue, which...

Health Knowledge

Why you should never rinse raw chicken with water

It may sound a bit strange: rinse raw chicken under the tap. Yet there are enough people who do it to wash off any bacteria (such...

Health Knowledge

Proven: by adjusting your eating times, you increase the...

A strict diet and going to the gym several times a week is not necessary. Adjusting the times you eat can already make a big difference!

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