6 Invisalign Facts That an Orthodontist Wants You to Know

Is Invisalign on your mind? Are you on the fence about getting them? Do you keep questioning if you will get a straighter smile after Invisalign treatment? If you nodded yes to all the questions, these Invisalign facts will give you a better insight and help you make a solid decision.

Here are 6 facts that every orthodontist wants you to know about Invisalign.

1. They are removable

Unlike traditional wire and bracket braces, Invisalign is removable. You can remove them and eat and drink whatever you want. Cleaning the teeth is also easier because you can just pop them off and brush and floss your teeth like you normally would. You won’t have to make any lifestyle changes throughout the treatment. This is why Invisalign treatment is getting popular amongst many.

However, always put the aligners back after eating or brushing. If the aligners are not fitting properly, use Invisalign chewies. Gently bite on them and the aligners will snap into place with ease.

2. Fewer orthodontic visits

It isn’t uncommon to make multiple orthodontic visits to get the wires tightened and adjusted when you have traditional braces. With Invisalign, there is no such requirement as each aligner set is designed to continue moving your teeth in the right position.

You may have to go for regular checkups but the frequency will be much less as compared to traditional braces.

3. Over a million satisfied patients

If you are skeptical of going ahead with Invisalign because you think you won’t get the necessary results, think again.

Over a million people across the world have opted for Invisalign treatment with excellent results.

4. You need to use a retainer

One similarity that Invisalign has with traditional braces is that you have to use a retainer at the end of the treatment. After you are done with your last set of aligners, you have to start using the retainer as per your orthodontist’s recommendation.

If you fail to use the retainer, the teeth will go back to their old places and get crooked again. Talk to your orthodontist to understand when is the right time to stop using the retainers.

5. They are more comfortable than braces

Since Invisalign does not have wires or brackets, they are more comfortable to wear. You won’t have to worry about getting cuts and bruises inside the mouth due to the wires and brackets. Initially, you may expect some soreness and discomfort but it is the most comfortable option as compared to its alternatives.

6. Aligners suit a varied age group

Orthodontic treatment is common amongst kids but more and more adults are opting for aligner treatment due to its advantages. Invisalign has proven to give effective results in adults as well.

To conclude

Now that you know Invisalign truth, you can make an informed decision. We would say one thing – don’t sway between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and just go for it. You will be glad you made that choice once you see Invisalign results.

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