Your tongue gives you indications that your health is not right; do not ignore these symptoms!

You certainly are not just a muscle that helps you eat and drink; it is an important indicator for your health. You have probably noticed that the color of your tongue can vary a lot, this has everything to do with your emotional and physical health.

When your tongue gives you these signals, you better make an appointment with your doctor:

  • A thick layer on your tongue: the ideal tongue has a thin, transparent layer. If there is a thick layer on your tongue, this may mean that you have virus.
  • A thick, yellow layer: because the layer on your tongue is supposed to be white or transparent, a yellow tongue means there is a problem with your health. It can mean that your body is overheated due to an allergic reaction or a bacterial infection.
  • A “geographical” tongue: a tongue should have a smooth surface. If the tongue looks rather like a mountain landscape, odd and lumpy, then this can indicate tiredness and allergy.
  • A black color on your tongue: a tongue should naturally be pink, if this is not the case it may indicate poor oral hygiene.
  • Blisters on your tongue: blisters on your tongue often indicate a lack of vitamin, stress or a hormonal imbalance. It is of course also possible that you accidentally bit your tongue!
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