Word list - Practical infection prevention at the chair

Word list - Practical infection prevention at the chair
Word list about the subject Practical infection prevention at the chair.

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Applicator: Preferably disposable instrument with round work area for the application of low-viscosity materials in the mouth

Drill block: Drill stand that contains one set of drill bits for a specific treatment; must be suitable for thermal disinfection

Hands free: Manual operation without hand contact

Iatrogenic damage: Incurred during a damage caused by medical intervention

Invisible pollution: Contamination of an object or surface with microorganisms

Peripherals: Equipment that is used directly in the treatment setting during treatment without prior hand hygiene

Cleaning routine: Fixed working order when cleaning instruments or equipment

Splash zone: Is the space in a circle of two meters, where the patient's face is the center point

Worksheet tweezers: Clean tweezers laid out on the worktop before the start of each treatment; is used for packing materials and should never be used in the patient's mouth!

Visible pollution: Visibly polluting pollution, usually consisting of blood residues