Word list - Orientation on the Infection Prevention guideline in oral care practices

Word list - Orientation on the Infection Prevention guideline in oral care practices
Word list about the subject Orientation on the Infection Prevention guideline in oral care practices.

Word list


Aerosol: Invisible spray of minuscule contaminated droplets, released when using spray cooling or flushing with the multi-function syringe

Autoclave: Steam sterilizer; depending on the type suitable for solid or hollow and packaged instruments

PRMO: Particularly resistant micro-organisms

CE marking: Indication for an agent intended for cleaning or disinfection of medical instruments

Chemical disinfection: Treat objects or surfaces with an approved disinfectant with an N number or CE marking. Also suitable is 70% alcohol; this product is exempt from registration and therefore has no further registration

Disinfection: Disinfection, reduce the number of microorganisms to a level that can no longer reasonably be transmitted

FFP: Filtering Facepiece Particles

IHC: Inspection for Healthcare

Non-conditioning: Method in which no contamination occurs through the use of disposables or the no-touch technique

Precondition: Method whereby contamination of instruments or equipment is prevented by using a protective cover or foil

Professional standard: Working method to the current state of knowledge and insight that must be used by (care) employees to provide the high-quality care that patients are entitled to

CDS: Understanding of reconditioning, built from the initial letters of cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing

Clean: Remove objects or surfaces from household / visible dirt

Recondition: Processing of instruments to make it ready for the next patient treatment

Risk categories: Classification of instruments in the KNMT guideline Infection prevention in oral care practices (2016) by type of treatment and risk of transmission of micro-organisms

Single-dose (uni-dose): Packaging per use portion

Sleeve: Protective cover to protect an instrument or device from contamination

Lubrication contamination: The spread of microorganisms by means of hands (or examination gloves) via surfaces to other locations

Thermal disinfection: Disinfect instruments or objects with heat for several minutes at 95 ° C

Thermodesinfector: Medical dishwasher; In addition to thermal disinfection, the number of microorganisms is diluted by rinsing

LMTA: Law on the Medical Treatment Agreement

Working Group on Infection Prevention (WIP): worked until 17 May 2017 on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport