Word list - General infection theory

Word list about the subject General infection theory.

Word list - General infection theory
Word list about the subject General infection theory.

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Acute: Violently and in a short time

Allergy: Hypersensitivity reaction ('knocked-out' immune response)

Antigen: Foreign substance

Antibody: (Antibody) body-created defense protein against a certain invader

Antisepsis: Method that aims to prevent contamination with micro-organisms

Causal therapy: Treatment that aims to address the cause of the disease or inflammation

Chronic: Mild and long-time existing

Contamination: Infection

Curative therapy: Treatment to cure an existing disease or inflammation (causal therapy) or to relieve (symptomatic therapy)

Carrier: Person who carries living germs and who have not (yet) experienced symptoms; it is therefore not always known that that person is a source of infection

Iatrogenic: Caused by medical treatment (for example a side effect of a medicine)

Immunity: The ability of the body to keep immune cells against a certain pathogen in circulation, so that there is already resistance against the pathogen when there is renewed contact; the germs therefore do not get the chance to cause a disease

Incubation time: Time that elapses between the infection and the outbreak of disease symptoms, also: the time needed to produce enough germs

Lethal: Deadly

Opportunist: Microorganism that is normally present in or on the host without phenomena, but 'strikes' with reduced host resistance

Preventive therapy: Measures aimed at limiting the transmission and multiplication of harmful micro-organisms

Porte d'entrée: Place on or in the body where microorganisms can penetrate and cause a disease

Lubrication contamination: Indirect contamination via surfaces and utensils

Subclinical: Disease progression without noticeable symptoms

Symptomatic treatment: Gives relief from the symptoms of illness, therapy or inflammation, for example pain or itching, without tackling the cause

FWPAP: Foundation Working Party on Antibiotic Policy

Vector: Object or material that is part of the contamination route of a micro-organism

Virulence: Attack power of a micro-organism