Word list - Capita selecta

Word list about the subject Capita selecta.

Word list - Capita selecta
Word list about the subject Capita selecta.

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Working conditions law: Law with rules that contribute to healthy and safe working for employees

Body tray: Tool to place the treatment tray on the patient's chest

Cavitation: Process in which vapor bubbles implode due to high-frequency vibration of a liquid. The energy that is released thereby cleans surfaces of enclosed materials or instruments

Container: Metal lockable tray for sterilizing a complete treatment set of instruments

Drinking water law: Legislation with public health measures, standards for water quality and enforcement procedures

FHD: Four Handed Dentistry

Fill-Up Roll: Oblong pouch with polystyrene granules to put a body tray in a better position in heavily built patients

Adhesive lacquer: Liquid glue that is applied in a printing spoon to fix print material in the impression tray

Instrument cassette: Collection rack for a complete set of hand instruments, which can be reconditioned in its entirety in the thermodisinfector

Bacterial count: The number of bacterial germs in or on a product

KVE: Number of germs / Colony forming units

Quantitative test: Test where nothing about the types of micro-organisms is known, only about the number

Normtray: A treatment tray with the standard dimensions, at random of which material it is made

Degassing: Vibration of freshly produced ultrasonic fluid, removing dissolved gases and the effectiveness of the ultrasonic cleaning device at full strength

Eye shower: Mandatory provision to flush with plenty of water in case of splash injuries in the eyes

Seal test: Method to check whether sealed sterilization bags are leakproof, so they are airtight and thus ensure sterility of the contents

Test plate: Breeding ground on which the bacteria can germinate

Touch free technique: Treatment method where there is no contact with the patient except indirectly with a mouth mirror

Ultrasonic transducer: Instrument that converts electrical energy into vibrations

Sandblaster: Device to use very fine sand under high pressure to remove cement residues from loosened crown and bridge work or to roughen materials before fixing them with cement