Word list - Aftercare and maintenance

Word list - Aftercare and maintenance
Word list about the subject Aftercare and maintenance.

Word list


Checklist: List of points of interest that have to be performed at the conclusion of the practice

Dynamic instruments: Collective name for rotating and ultrasonic instruments

Hazardous waste: Contaminated practice waste for which legal transport regulations apply

Corner piece: Dynamic instrument that can rotate drills. Two types are distinguished: driven by an electric motor and by compressed air

Protocol: Step by step description of actions to be performed

Rinse shadow: Location with which the water from the nozzle of the thermodisinfector can not make direct contact

Sterilization date: Date of implementation indicated on the sterile package of surgical instruments; the shelf life is, under optimal circumstances, a maximum of one year

Dust-free: Closed for penetrating dust and also free of dust

TST test strip: Control strip for autoclave: gives the correct color change when heating has taken place for a certain period of time due to steam

VGT: Dutch Association of Wholesalers in the Dental sector. See also www.vgt.nl