Multifunctional! Ten situations where you can use toothpaste only too well!

This way you can also use toothpaste! Discover 10 alternative reasons for which you can use toothpaste!

Multifunctional! Ten situations where you can use toothpaste only too well!
This way you can also use toothpaste! Discover 10 alternative reasons for which you can use toothpaste!

You can use toothpaste for many different things


Toothpaste is synonymous with brushing your teeth and that makes sense, but did you know that you can do many more useful things with it? It is simply to use for many more things than beautiful, radiant, white, clean teeth.


You see it more often, the multifunctional usability of the most general products and from now on toothpaste will also fall in this list, because once you know these tips you will never look at the same tube again. We have listed ten alternative reasons for which you can also use toothpaste for you. Be surprised!



1. Let your jewelry shine again

Did you know that your jewelry can shine beautifully again like a diamond ring if you polish it with a soft toothbrush and some toothpaste? Then you must rinse the jewelry with water and then let it dry.



2. Say no to mosquito bumps and pimples

If you touch a mosquito bump or pimple with some toothpaste before you go to sleep and then leave it all night on the scene, then you will see the next morning that the mosquito bumps or bumps have already decreased considerably. Don't forget to rinse it off with lukewarm water the next morning.



3. Remove paint residue from your hair

You may have just added a new color to your hair, but you may still see the paint residue around your hairline. Here too toothpaste brings you salvation. Just polish it out and you won't see it anymore.



4. Remove nail polish

Do you happen to have no nail polish remover at home? That is no problem at all, no panic. Instead, you can soak your nails in toothpaste and then massage them with a brush. Then all nail polish residues will disappear like snow in the sun.



5. Clean your piano

If you have a piano, then you probably recognize those typically dirty keys. You can easily clean them with a toothbrush with some toothpaste. It is very important that you do not add water, because it can run into the piano and cause damage. Instead, remove the toothpaste residues after brushing with a soft, damp cloth.



6. Remove stains from your carpet

Believe it or not, but your carpet or carpet also benefits from toothpaste. In this case too, most stains with a little toothpaste, a clean cleaning cloth and some lukewarm water can easily be removed.



7. Remove stripes on the wall

You have probably experienced it or done it yourself, children sometimes cannot resist the temptation to draw on the wall with their pencils instead of on paper. The result is an ugly wall with pencil marks. You can remove this by scrubbing with a brush and some toothpaste, after which you can simply wipe away the toothpaste residues with a wet cloth.



8. Fill in walls

If you are planning to wallpapering or painting and you come across a small hole in the wall, you can easily fill this with some toothpaste. Toothpaste is a great filling, but make sure the toothpaste is cured and dry before you start painting or wallpapering.



9. Restore the color of your white sneakers or sneakers

It is undoubtedly a well-known scene, the edges of sneakers or sneakers that have become dirty over time. These shoes often have white soles, which makes the dirt stand out even more. Also in this case you can easily clean the soles by scrubbing them with some toothpaste. After cleaning, remove the toothpaste with a soft, damp cloth.



10. Let your hands smell fresh again

Smelly hands, nobody is actually happy about that. For example, after cutting onions or garlic, your hands will not smell fresh. That is because the juices of these seasonings penetrate the skin and your hands can therefore smell for them even hours later. Fortunately, this is also relatively easy to solve by not washing your hands with soap but with some toothpaste.