How to clean between your teeth? - What can you do for yourself?

How to clean between your teeth? - What can you do for yourself?
The spaces between the teeth are difficult to reach with a toothbrush. This can be cleaned with floss, toothpicks or interdental brushes, we give a clear explanation of how you can clean between your teeth.

How to clean between your teeth?


Interdental cleaning means cleaning between the teeth. This does not work with a toothbrush, for this you have floss, toothpicks or interdental brushes.



Brushing your teeth only cleans part of your teeth. All surfaces between the teeth and molars are never hit with the brush. Rinsing also has no effect on the cleaning of these surfaces. There is only one way to properly clean these surfaces and that is flossing. Flossing is hard to learn, but once you can do it and know the clean feeling, you don't want to be without it.


Which floss?

If you stand in front of the store, it will make you dizzy, just like with toothpastes.


Floss and toothpicks.


  • Take at least a floss with wax on it, it slides easier between your teeth. "Waxed" is then on the package.
  • A very thick floss cleans well and is easy to handle; it is not a thread, but a kind of strap. "Tape" is on the package.
  • Not everyone can get a big floss between the teeth. It is a matter of trying out which thickness is suitable for you.
  • Nowadays there is even whitening floss, a floss that brushes away superficial discoloration between your teeth.



How do you floss the right way?

Take a piece of floss of about forty centimeters. Wrap the ends around your middle fingers or forefinger, just what you find easy. Hold the remaining piece of floss (about 3 cm) tight with your thumbs. Move the tight piece of floss between a contact point of two teeth. Careful, don't let it hit your gums with a blow, because that's painful. Now that you have passed through the contact point, you can pull the wire tightly along one of the two sides of the teeth you passed, and wipe this side clean with an up and down movement. Not "saw", as many people do. If you only move the thread back and forth between the teeth, nothing happens. The intention is that you clean the side of an element with the wire. You will notice that with the wire you get a bit under the gums, that is good, so you can also clean the tooth surface under the gums. Then pull the thread tightly around the opposite side surface and clean it in the same way. Just letting the wire shoot between the contact points and getting it back makes little sense, you really have to "brush" it along a tooth surface. In the beginning it is difficult for everyone, and the gums often bleed for a while in some places. As soon as you are used to flossing every day, that will be over very quickly.



Wrap a piece of floss around your fingers and hold it tight between the thumbs. Carefully push the piece of floss through the point of contact between two elements.




Clean the tooth surface with up and down movements. Repeat this for the adjacent tooth surface.



Use toothpicks in places where you cannot floss. Where, for example, more elements are attached to each other by a bridge, or where a retention wire is stuck behind the teeth after wearing a bracket. For each restoration where it is necessary to use toothpicks, it will be mentioned separately with the subject.


Which toothpicks?

As long as you do not use cocktail sticks, you are well on the way. Cocktail sticks splinter and damage your teeth. Real toothpicks are made of specially soft, non-splintering wood and triangular in shape, so that they fit perfectly in the spaces between your teeth. They come in many different thicknesses, again a matter of trying. The toothpick that you just get in the spaces between your teeth is the right one. There are also toothpicks with a mint flavor that give you extra fresh teeth.



A toothpick (left) is triangular in shape, a cocktail stick is round.


How do you toothpick the right way?

Take the toothpick between thumb and forefinger at the thickest part. Moisten the toothpick by holding it briefly in your mouth. Hold the flat side on your gums and push the toothpick into the space between two teeth, as far as possible. Then get the toothpick back and continue to the next room.



Place the toothpick with the flat side on the gums. Push the toothpicks as far as possible into the space between the teeth and / or molars and carefully move back and forth a few times.



Repeat this at all gaps.