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Do you often have a dry mouth? This may be due to this!

We all know that stress can be the cause of a lot of physical and mental complaints. Consider the logical complaints, such as a towering heartbeat, rapid breathing and headache. Yet there are other symptoms that can indicate too much stress.


If this is bothering you, it is smart to take a break.


Dry mouth

A dry mouth is a primary response of your body to stress. Your saliva production decreases and you will also breathe more through your mouth. That too can cause a dry mouth.



Are you not yet cured of the flu and do you feel sick again? That may well be because you are too stressed. Cortisol is the stress hormone. If you have a lot of this hormone in your body, the DHEA hormone can no longer be released. This hormone supports your immune system and if you have too little of it in your body, you are more likely to get sick.


Hair loss

Not only can stress be a cause of hair loss, but it is certainly one of the causes. This too can be due to a deficiency of the DHEA hormone. Are the floor and all your furniture strewn with your hair and do you think that you have a very poor bunch of things on your head lately?


Grinding the teeth

Both stress and a lack of sleep can be the cause of grinding teeth. Because you are constantly under high voltage you can automatically grind your teeth, even when you sleep! This is very harmful in the long term for both your teeth and your jaws. So it is important to reduce that stress and to stop grinding your teeth! If this is really difficult for you, you can consider purchasing a protective bit.


Do you suffer from these complaints? Don’t ignore them, because stress can really be very harmful to your body.

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