Preventive dentistry

Summary - Preventive dentistry

A short summary about the topic of Preventive dentistry.

Practical measures to prevent caries and periodontopathies...

Measures to prevent mouth problems can be taken by the patient, the dental staff and by the government. These measures may include...

Dental erosion - Preventive dentistry

Erosion is the loss of superficial tooth tissue due to the action of acids other than those formed by bacteria in the mouth.

Caries - Preventive dentistry

Caries is an attack on the hard tooth tissues. It can therefore only occur if teeth are still present.

Introduction - Preventive dentistry

The objective of preventive dentistry is to promote oral health by preventing abnormalities or exacerbating them.

What are dental caries? - Preventive dentistry

Caries or tooth decay is the most common infectious disease in the world. An estimated 95% of the world's population suffers from...

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