Summary - Pregnant

A short summary about the topic of Pregnant.

Information - Pregnant

KNMP (2015). Self-care guide for pregnancy. What can I do, What can I take? Self-care during pregnancy and lactation. The Hague: KNMP.

Cooperation, legislation and regulations - Pregnant

The cooperation in obstetrics between first line and second line is regulated in midwifery partnerships. An obstetrician usually informs...

In practice - Pregnant

Provide information about the importance of good oral care because of a higher risk of gum problems. Ask if the pregnant woman has...

Health - Pregnant

Women come to the GP when they want to become pregnant and it does not work quickly, to establish or confirm pregnancy and because...

Who - Pregnant

Approximately 175,000 children are born every year in the Netherlands. Of these, few are unscheduled or undesirable. This is because...

Introduction - Pregnant

If a woman is pregnant, it can affect the care that is given. That is what this chapter is about.

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