Pediatric Dentistry

Summary - Pediatric Dentistry

A short summary about the topic of Pediatric Dentistry.

Deviations from the teeth - Pediatric Dentistry

During the development of the teeth, disorders can arise that cause cosmetic objections.

Treatment of milking elements - Pediatric Dentistry

Whether treatment of milking elements is necessary and which treatment must then be carried out depends on the age of the child.

Caries prevention in children - Pediatric Dentistry

If caries can be prevented, it promotes long-term preservation of one's own dentition. In addition, hurt children can be saved that...

Morphology of the teeth - Pediatric Dentistry

The morphology of the teeth is different from that of the adult teeth. The crowns are smaller, while the roots are relatively longer....

Dental development - Pediatric Dentistry

The denture develops from the tooth bars that are formed in the womb from the second month of pregnancy. The germs of both the teeth...

Dealing with children - Pediatric Dentistry

About a quarter of the children are afraid of the dentist. This fear is often caused by an unpleasant childhood experience. But children...

Introduction - Pediatric Dentistry

In many areas, dental care for children is the same as that for adults. Yet there are also differences and they have to do with the...

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