9 habits that ruin your teeth

Brushing, flossing and firing twice a day is not enough for healthy teeth. Certainly not if you also have all kinds of bad habits.

9 habits that ruin your teeth
Brushing, flossing and firing twice a day is not enough for healthy teeth. Certainly not if you also have all kinds of bad habits.

Gently chew and drink


Brushing, flossing and firing twice a day is not enough for healthy teeth. Eating and drinking all day long is also an attack on your teeth. Just like a lot of other habits. What is bad for your teeth?


  1. Chew on ice: It is natural and sugar-free, so you would think it can't hurt. Yet by chewing on an ice cube you can damage your teeth. A piece may splinter or the tooth may even break. In addition, the thoughtless gnawing can also damage the interior of your tooth, resulting in toothache. Do you like chewing ice, pencils or pens? Then try to go for a piece of sugar-free chewing gum.
  2. Grinding the teeth: It seems harmless, but it is not always: grinding teeth. You often see people sliding their teeth and molars powerfully over each other, especially at night. This is also called bruxism. Stress can cause teeth grinding. In some cases, creaking causes problems such as dental wear, fractures of fillings, jaw complaints or enlargement of the chewing muscles. A special plate can ensure that the teeth wear less and the jaws learn to relax.
  3. Oral care: If you brush too strongly, too often or too long in one place, grooves in the teeth can occur. Even gums can be brushed away, leaving tooth necks exposed. Exposed tooth necks are not covered with enamel and therefore more susceptible to wear. Also, do not brush your teeth immediately after eating. It is also very important to use toothpicks and brushes carefully. If you do it well, it is useful, but as soon as it hurts you cause damage.
  4. Tongue piercings: Piercings in the tongue, lips or cheeks can have a bad influence on the gums. Certainly if the piercing is in constant contact with the gums. Teeth can also wear or break. Especially teeth that have been restored once are easily damaged. There are many bacteria in the mouth. Such a piercing is also the ultimate place for bacteria to collect. This allows you to get bad breath, but also infections or ulcers.
  5. Tools: Tear open a plastic bag with your teeth or open a beer bottle with the aid of the teeth? Quick and easy perhaps, but disastrous for the teeth. As with ice cubes or pencils, this can lead to cracks or cracks. Tools are easier to replace than your teeth. They should last a lifetime.
  6. Bottles: If children suckle on a baby bottle with juice, milk or lemonade often and for too long, chances are that caries will develop. This happens especially when children fall asleep with the bottle in their mouths. That way the teeth swim all night in sugars. So do not keep bottles in your child's mouth for too long and do not let them sleep with them.
  7. Throat sweets: It is so tempting. If you suffer from your throat suck all day on a throat or cough candy. However, that is not really healthy. A large part of those pastilles is full of sugar. And by exposing your teeth to sugars all day long, you increase the chance of dental problems.
  8. Drink: Soft drinks, fruit juice, sports drinks ... They are all rich in (natural) sugars and acids. Sugars are converted to acids and those acids dissolve the tooth enamel. That is why it wears off: tooth erosion. Coffee and wine will not easily lead to tooth erosion, but they can discolor your teeth. White wine itself does not discolor the teeth, but it does make the teeth more sensitive to discolouration of, for example, red wine or coffee.
  9. To smoke: The effect of cigarettes on oral health is also negative. It is scientifically clear that there is a clear link between smoking and gum disease. In addition, smoking adversely affects wound healing and increases the risk of oral cancer. Furthermore, smoking can cause discoloration of teeth and molars. Certainly with fillings and dentures, discolouration occurs much faster.